The Nuts and Bolts of Building a Successful Business Online

The Nuts and Bolts Of a New Business Model ( Website Broker & SEO ) As a successful entrepreneur, I have quite a bit of experience at building businesses websites, and turning them into profitable online businesses. My profession lies deep within the roots of Search Engine Optimization. I also enjoy the benefits of being a “every now and then”, website broker. Both have in common the life of a website brokers profession, and that is the skills needed to create websites and monetize them. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) AND Website Flipping SEO consists of a mountain of various other advertising and marketing methods go hand in hand. . All consisting of top of the line quality traffic building features, and promotion strategies. I’m going to pave the way for those of you who would like to follow my path, in trailing the very path, I’ve just mentioned above. Below, I will draw it all out for you, to give you a guide to follow. This my friends is not like, not even the least bit similar to all the hundreds of thousands of all those “get rich quick” schemes, or one of those idiotic make money software. You won’t find anything else like what I’m describing here, nor anything similar, anywhere else online. I’m going to lay out the “Nuts-n-Bolts” here, and show you step by step what it takes to become successful within this market/Niche, in case you would ever like to take on the challenges this market has, so that you too can sit back and enjoy the financial freedom of being a successful online marketing rock star!

Before I get started, I would just like to ask you to keep in mind, that the layout within this article is not some “magical get rich quick” feature. There is nothing online nor offline, as far as I know of that will get you rich. The magic software, my friends, is within you. Not everyone who reads this will follow through with my business model. Not everyone who does follow through with our business model, will become successful. This is not a lazy mans business. There will be a lot of work required to actually get to where I have gotten. There are days where I sit at my laptop for 16+ hours, working my butt off. There are also days when I feel like staying in bed all day with my woman, and that’s exactly what I do.

Owning your own business, has many benefits. Yet, being able to work at home with my family, is by far my most favorite!I I won’t keep rambling on, so if you don’t mind, I will go ahead and jump into it.

1. ) I strongly suggest you start by going to word press. com, and get started by creating your first website/blog. (This is free) Word press is also the platform in which you will use once you get the hang of how to build a website. I’ve tried many others, and personally, I favor word press and so does most other marketers. Word press is very easy to use, and also has a very easy to understand dashboard. The dashboard is where you will manage your website(s), editing your images, posts, pages, color of the site, background, etc. The dashboard is also where you will want to work from, this is the most important place, and is where I want you. I advise you to spend a week here, in word press, slowly learning, and mastering this. Once you get the hang of doing things, it would then be idea for you to create your very own website. People pay between $200-$5, 000 for a new website. “Yours will be free! Word press has many different free themes. The theme/design (the look and feel of the website) that word press originally starts you out with, chances are you will not like it at all. Can’t say I’ll blame you! What you’ll want to do is to go to your dashboard and on the left hand side, scroll down to where it says Appearance. You need to click on the word “Appearance” and a drop down menu will appear, beneath appearance. Scroll down to where it says theme, which should be the first menu option, beneath appearance. Once you click on it, you will see two main menus in the center of the screen, one will be labeled “Manage Theme” and the other will be labeled “Install”. You will want to click on Install, and when the window opens, you can then use the options given to pick a nice, new theme of your choice. You will likely want to go back over to the left hand side, of the dashboard, and start experimenting with different options. to get your new website, just the way you’d like it. Be sure to find the one menu, that is labeled “Plugins”. This one is very important. Plugins are various options, depending on your particular needs, a plugin is similar to a very small software, in which you can plugin to your website, that will offer you or the website user special features. The best 40 Word press Plugins, these are all suggested plugins but please keep in mind, word press runs faster with fewer plugins so don’t be tempted to install them all. Keep it simple, and install the ones that will benefit you most:

*W3 Total Cache

*WP Super Cache

*WP-DB Backup

*Backup Buddy Premium

*CloudFlare Caching Service

*Vaultpress premium *Secure WP



*Wassup *Broken Link Checker Search Engine Optimization

*WordPress SEO by Yoast

*SEO Ultimate

*Google XML Sitemaps

*All In One SEO

*SEO Friendly Images

*SEO Slugs Social & Commenting

*Thank Me Later

*Disqus Commenting


*Dig Dig

*Share Bar

*Sexy Bookmarks



*LiveFyre Core Functionality

*Revision Control

*FD Feed burner

*No Revisions

*What Would Seth Godin Do

*Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

*WP GreetBox

*JetPack *Simple Press


*Popular Posts

*Event Calendar Pro – Premium

*GD Star Ratings

*Contact Form 7


*TinyMCE Advanced

*Widget Logic

*Syntax Highlighter Evolved

*Members E-Commerce

*WP e-Commerce

*Jigo Shop Photography & Gallerys

*NextGen Gallery

*Smush It

2. ) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t something I can teach here in a paragraph, or even in an e-books entirety. SEO is the means of increasing the position of a website, within the search engine(s). Search engines use an Algorithm. An algorithm is the formulation of measures needed to position the relevance to a particular keyword, at the greatest position. The basic means of the algorithm, is so that people who visit a search engine to locate information, receive the most up to date, yet more importantly the most relevant information. SEO companies perform methods in which the algorithms use to determine the reputation of a website. No one knows the algorithm, and no one has ever learned it entirely. Search engines such as Google, alter their algorithm so often that even the best SEO firm has to update their strategies on a regular basis. Which makes it difficult to perform SEO, this is the reason why no SEO company can honestly guarantee a first page ranking. The truth is, no one can even promise a ranking of any kind. Anytime that you hire someone to manage your websites SEO, make sure they show you their past work, and some testimonials from some of their past clients.

3. ) I strongly advise you to do research on a regular basis, and keep up with search engines, and their every move. Pay attention only to the big 3 (Google, Yahoo, Bing) Those are the most used. Tactics such as Article marketing, Back linking, Social media, video marketing, etc are only a few of the necessary methods you will have to become an expert at, and perform on a regular basis for your clients. I advise you diligently research all of the above mentioned marketing strategies. It’s wise to study SEO regularly, and keep up with all the newest updates.

4. ) Once you feel comfortable speaking the SEO language, and know in your heart that your prepared to take all of what you’ve learned to the next level, then and only then should you do so. What you will want to do my friends, is incorporate the two businesses. What I mean by that is build a website(s) from top to bottom. This time you aren’t creating a website for yourself, so block out all of your personal likes and dislikes. You want the website to look professional, you want it to maintain a corporate look and feel. Be sure to do top of the line on page and off page SEO on this site. Once you feel that the site creation process is complete, and ample content has been placed within the website, you need to adjust this site to convert. Keep in mind that throughout all of this, you will have many people looking at your site this time. When they look at it, they should have no questions as to how it makes money. Whether it does or not, is not as important at this point. We will get to that in just a sec.

5. ) Step 5 is one of the most important steps. Now it is your job to perform SEO on this website. I advise you to use all your big guns here, especially if this is your first, and you are just starting out. Don’t forget how important it is to use social media optimization and marketing. They are fabulous forms of traffic generation. Your goal here is to generate as much traffic, consistently as earthly possible. No holds barred. Once the site is regularly generating some amounts of consistent traffic, now is the time to sell your creation. You now have an established business!! This is definitely something you can be proud of.

6. ) I like to use flippa. com to sell my sites. I have used it, and not had to use any other site, to sell my businesses. It works that well. It really does. So, don’t hesitate to pay the 40 bucks it costs to add your site to flippa. Seriously, if you’ve gotten this far, I don’t care if you have to pawn your microwave to get the money. Do it! Take my word on this. .

7. ) Since you are familiar with SEO and creating websites, it may be wise for you to only create websites in this market, for now. Keep it simple. Remember this is a WIDE market, so have an open mind. Selling on flippa. com can be a little bit tricky. Yet most of what’s needed to make money on flippa, is basically common sense. Once you’ve gotten this far, now is damn sure not the time to start getting lazy. You want to write detailed descriptions of what you are selling. Describe every little thing in detail. Remember guys, you are the expert here, not the buyers. The buyers only know what you tell them. Most of the time, they will pay you to teach them to run the business, in other words they don’t even know SEO. So, do all you can to put your potential client #1.

8. ) I didn’t mention this in the beginning, only because I would like all of you to learn to do these tasks, yourself. On the other hand, it can be very simple, and yet wise to outsource most all of the above. Yes, it’s true! But don’t smile just yet. Go on over to elance. COM (My Favorite) and create/register yourself an account. Post jobs, and freelancers (Overseas workers) better known as Cheap Labor, these guys flock in to place bids all over your requested job post. Many freelancers will practically be begging you to do your tasks, and they will literally fight over who can do it the cheapest. You can get your websites created for $10. 00-$100. 00 0- I like to find a good, cheap, yet quality worker. It’s always a great idea to continue to work this same fella for all your tasks, as long as he continues to meet your expectations. The SEO normally takes time to see top results. So, it’s always great to hire a SEO company via elance. As per SEO, I normally wouldn’t pay more than 100-200$ a month. Once again I would strongly like to just mention to you, that this e-book, nor anything else you read will ever benefit you, if you do not put forth 100% effort to succeed. Thank each and every one of you who read my work here, and plan to take responcibility. If you need my support, or simply have questions feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you.

What Every Potential Mompreneur Needs to Know About Starting an Online Business

An online business can be a very appealing and safe way to start a business. It allows moms to be home with their children while still having the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. The running of an online business allows you to work from home while creating your own schedule. The initial investment can be very little and your monthly expenses are minimal. Most importantly an ecommerce business can be run anywhere there is Internet access which allows you to be home with your children and even work while on vacation.

What You Need To Run an Online Business

With very little equipment you could be running your own ecommerce business out of the confines of your home. Ideally, a home office is best but I started my first ecommerce business from my kitchen table. So, just clean organized spaces where you can keep your computer and files. You will, of course, need a computer. I prefer a lap top as it allows me to work from anywhere in the house or in various coffee shops. Of course you will also need an Internet connection and I highly recommend a high speed connection. As moms we need to work fast and as efficiently as possible and high speed Internet allows that to happen. A printer is nice to own and will be useful for printing whatever documents you may need. A fax machine is not essential. With programs that offer online faxing, such as “eFax,” owning a fax machine is no longer critical. Believe it or not, that is basically it from the standpoint of hardware and connectivity.

Stocking Your Website with Product

The most important step in owning an ecommerce business is stocking your online store with product. Depending on the industry you get involved in, you might find that you are able to drop ship versus holding product in house. Drop shipping means you hold no inventory. How drop shipping works is once a consumer makes a purchase on your site you send the order directly over to the vendor. The vendor fills the order and sends it directly to your customer.

When the customer makes the purchase on your site the money goes directly into your business bank account. When the vendor ships the order out, they will at that time charge your card. You pay the whole price for the product to the vendor. The customer pays retail price. Your profit margin is the difference between the two.

Daily Tasks of Running an Online Business

When running an ecommerce business, daily tasks have to be completed each day such as checking orders and answering emails. I would allow 30 – 45 minutes when you first start out to complete these tasks. You must answer emails each day as you want to offer your customers the very best in customer service. What can be done in your own time is search engine optimization, merchandising, and marketing. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your site so when someone types in keywords that relate to the products you sell on your site then your site will come up high in the search engines. This is part of the daily running of your ecommerce business and is critical to your success.

Merchandising is a term I like to use when referring to updating your product, adding new product, and changing out the product on your front page. You want your site to be dynamic and interesting. Changing out the front page and adding new product makes your site interesting to potential customers.

Monthly Expenses

The monthly expense of running an ecommerce business can be very minimal. Some of your fixed costs include monthly hosting which on average is $10.00 per month, a merchant account which on average is around $25.00 and month, your newsletter providers which is about $5.00 per month and your 800 number which can vary but with services like “” you can keep that cost to around $5.00. So for around $45.00 per month you can run your ecommerce store. By just obtaining 1 sale per month you could cover the cost of that overhead.

Software and Security

Everybody asks about additional software they must add to their home computer or laptop to run help them run a store. That’s one of the benefits of running an ecommerce business; the software applications that are so critical to your success are ASP or Application Service Provider software. This means the tools you need are online and are attached to the backend of your website. You don’t need to purchase any software and load it onto your computer; everything is in an online environment. The “chain link” is what we like to call it and refers to the succession of links starting from your website to your bank account. It goes like this: your website and store admin are hooked or linked, your store admin is hooked to your shopping cart, your shopping cart is hooked to your gateway, and your gateway is hooked to your merchant services provider, which is hooked to your bank account. All of these critical pieces are online and accessible to you by a unique user and pass with 128 bit encryption, so it’s very secure.

Security problems such as viruses can be a concern because you are online often perhaps doing research on your online marketing rankings such as search engine optimization and pay per click or searching for new vendors to help expand your product line. As always, you have to be very careful of accepting emails from unknown senders. If you don’t know the sender, don’t open the email. Also, be wary of the occasional popup. You can combat this by turning on your “popup blocker”, cleaning out your cache, and deleting your stored historical web pages once in a while. I would recommend purchasing a good and reputable virus scanning software such as McAfee or Norton. It’s hard to go wrong with those two. Also, McAfee offers a free virus sweep that you can use once every couple of months that is very easy to download and run. All that being said, your specific ecommerce work, such as editing your site and shopping cart, viewing orders in your shopping cart, answering` client questions with your gateway, or reviewing the money in your merchant account prior to it being passed on to your bank account, is all done in secure user and password generated sites.

Running an ecommerce business can allow the busiest of moms to raise a family while running a successful business. It also allows a mother to have a creative outlet while expanding her skills as the CEO of both her family and her business. For more information on starting your own boutique web business or other work at home web businesses check out

Accelerated Dial-Up and Your Home Internet Business – Is it a Good Combination?

I have always been a firm believer that in order to run a successful Internet business, it is important that you use the fastest, most reliable Internet connection that is available to you and that you can reasonably afford. In this article, I’ll be addressing the relatively new form of Internet connection called accelerated dial-up.

You’ve probably seen accelerated dial-up services advertised in television commercials and some of you may even be using it right now. Most Internet service providers advertise surf speeds up to 5x faster than standard dial-up. First of all, let’s make it clear that accelerated dial-up is not a form of broadband or high speed Internet access.

Common industry perception tends to view any speed over 512 Kbps as broadband when in actuality, the FCC defines broadband as anything over 200 Kbps while the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) classifies it as anything upwards of the 150 Kbps to 200 Kbps range. To put these speeds in perspective, a standard V.90 dial-up modem will allow you to browse the web at a maximum speed of 56 Kbps, dependent on both the hardware your ISP provides, and the quality of your phone line.

Accelerated dial-up still uses your normal phone line and still transfers data at the same rate as standard dial-up. There are three primary reasons that your surfing experience is ‘accelerated’ and there is nothing magical about any of them:

* Web page caching

* Data compression

* Improved network communication

With web page caching, your ISP essentially ‘predicts’ the pages that you will visit by caching or storing your frequently visited pages on its network. Since these cached pages are already downloaded, the appearance is that you are actually surfing at faster speeds. Your ISP is making use of what is called a ‘cached network’.

Web accelerators use a compression algorithm to compress certain text and images before the data is transferred. The accelerator software that you install on your PC can uncompress the text data but images cannot be uncompressed. This is because the only way to compress an image is to reduce its quality by using a ‘lossy’ compression algorithm and once this takes place, there is no way to undo the process. Basically, your ISP uses a type of image optimizer on their end before transferring the data to you.

The accelerator software also manages the connection between your modem and the ISP network so that it stays optimized. In most cases, this simply means that your connections remain persistent rather than being closed and then re-established.

So, what benefits are provided to your Internet business by using an accelerated dial-up connection? Put simply — None.

While accelerated dial-up is wonderful for web browsing and web-based email retrieval, typically to the tune of another $3.00 to $6.00 per month, file transfer times, streaming media transfer times and secure page download times remain identical to what you experience with standard dial-up. In the world of Internet business, faster surfing speeds do not compensate for faster data transfer rates.

For most online businesses, file transfer and email retrieval are the two primary tasks that benefit from a high speed Internet connection. Accelerated dial-up does not provide a speed boost in either of these areas.

Accelerated dial-up plans often tout faster email access on the web in addition to the faster surf speeds. It’s the ‘on the web’ that you need to be aware of. This means that web-based email services like Yahoo or Hotmail will appear to be faster, but your local email applications such as Outlook, Netscape or Eudora will serve up your email as slow as ever.

When it comes to running your Internet business, don’t skimp on your Internet connection. Strive to get the fastest, most reliable high speed Internet connection that is available in your area. If you can’t immediately afford the ‘speed you need’, then upgrade once you get some online profits rolling in. Don’t settle for any type of dial-up unless you absolutely have no other choice.